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TRS Consulting Inc. (TRS) is a private, U.S. Government-focused information technology company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Richard Stroupe founded the company in 2001 and is the current President and Chief Executive Officer.

TRS designs and implements information technology solutions for the U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as other Federal Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. The company’s professional services include systems and architecture design, Web application and Agile software development, database engineering, and systems lifecycle development. TRS also provides technical training and research and development focused on the U.S. Intelligence Community.[1]

In 2008, TRS was named one of the Washington D.C. area’s “Top Small Technology Companies” by the Washington Business Journal.[2]


TRS Consulting was founded in 2001 by current President and CEO Richard Stroupe. The company was originally focused on Senior Oracle Database support, however in 2005 TRS added agile software development as an additional core competency. Today the company provides information systems life cycle services, solutions and training within the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Prior to founding TRS, Stroupe worked for Oracle Corporation, providing both core and applications senior database administration for the National Systems Consulting Group as well as the U.S. Intelligence consulting divisions for SAIC and BAE Systems. Richard has also taught Oracle database administration courses for the past five years at various local universities and corporations and is co-author of Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions.[3]

In December 2007, TRS Consulting partnered with Objectivity, Inc., a provider of distributed, SOA-enabled, real-time data management platforms for software applications with complex data management challenges. The partnership was formed to help expand the presence of both companies in the Federal Government Defense and Intelligence Community market.[4]

In August 2009, TRS was acquired by NCI Information Systems, Inc. (, a, largely, Government-contracting firm headquartered in Reston, Virginia.


TRS now employs nearly 60 experts that all have Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS – SCI) clearance, due to the company’s work with the U.S. Intelligence Community.[5] Experts support the firm’s two major service offering groups – Consulting and Training/R&D.

TRS reported revenues of $13 million in FY 2008 and has experienced overall growth of 370% over the past four years. All employees are TRS shareholders through our employee stock ownership program.[6]

Consulting ServicesEdit

Training/R&D ServicesEdit

Management LeadershipEdit

  • Richard Stroupe – President & CEO
  • Bruce Morton – Director of Operations
  • Tom Stroupe – Director of Finance & HR
  • Steve Sedlmeyer – CIO
  • Don Farmer – Director of Security
  • John Franklin – Chief Scientist
  • Corey Sundahl – Director of Software Development

Technical LeadershipEdit

  • Brian Jackson – Senior Technical Director
  • Brian Eye – Senior Technical Director
  • Len Hickey – Senior Technical Director
  • Bernie Woolfolk – Senior Technical Director
  • Brian Evans – Senior Technical Director
  • James Simon – Senior Technical Director


TRS’s customer base includes U.S. Government agencies, Washington, D.C. area organizations and Fortune 500 companies.


TRS has established several partnerships with key vendors that are focused within the Intelligence Community.


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