The Program Manager Information Sharing Environment was established pursuant to Executive Order 13388, on March 15, 2006. The Program Manager, currently Ambassador Thomas E. McNamara, chairs the Information Sharing Council, and resides organizationally within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The Program Manager's duties include:

  • The planning and overseeing the implementation of, and managing of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE).
  • Assisting the development of policies and procedures appropriate to fostering the proper operation of the ISE.
  • Supporting, monitoring and assessing the implementation of the ISE by federal departments and agencies, and reporting the findings to Congress and the President on a regular basis.

ISE Definition Edit

The ISE is defined in Section 1016 of the IRTPA, which requires the President to establish an Information Sharing Environment (ISE) - "for the sharing of terrorism information in a manner consistent with national security and with applicable legal standards relating to privacy and civil liberties" and the IRTPA defines the ISE to mean "an approach that facilitates the sharing of terrorism information."

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The Program Manager ISE coordinates multiple Communities of Interest (COI), multiple users and various governmental and non-governmental agencies across a range of missions.[1]

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