Template:Lead too short Template:Infobox Government agency In Pakistan Defence Forces, the Military Intelligence (also known as M.I.), is a Pakistan Defence Forces intelligence agency and that is responsible for the military intelligence services in Pakistan. It is also refers specifically to the intelligence components of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The M.I. is also part of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, and reports directly to the Chief of Army Staff. Pakistan's Military Intelligence (MI) is one of the three main intelligence services in Pakistan. MI is tasked with operations, identifying and eliminating sleeper cells, foreign agents and other anti-Pakistani elements within Pakistan and abroad[1]. The M.I. is currently headed by Army's Major-General Naushad Ahmed Kayani.

The intelligence agency is highly notorious for its arrests and torturing of innocent civilan people, and its been reported to monitors the activities of the leaders of political opposition parties[2].

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