Marjorie Nellie, Lady Murray (née Culverwell) (October 3, 1924 - February 6, 2010) was a British administrator who was one of the last people to witness both the Nuremberg and Tokyo war crimes trials. She was married to Sir Donald Murray, who served as British ambassador to Libya from 1974 to 1976.

Lady Murray worked at the GCHQ working on weather translations. She learnt German from her father who was held as a prisoner of war. She was transferred to Paris in which she was one of the few people to know the planned date of the D-Day landings. She was then transferred to Germany to work on the Nuremberg Trials.

Soon after returning from Germany she was sent to Japan to work on the Tokyo trial. After she and her husband retired they moved to Kent.

Lady Murray died on February 6, 2010.[1] Her husband pre-deceased her. She is survived by her four children.


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