• I was Saddam's Son released on May 1, 1997 by Arcade Publishing Hardcover: 250 pages Co-author: Karl Wendl. (translated to German as Ich War Saddams Sohn on March 1, 2003 Although the book was published in 1997, the story received widespread media attention [1] in 2003 invasion of Iraq six years later. The book has sold over one million copies worldwide in twenty languages.
File:Latif Yahia.jpg
  • The Devil's Double released on June 5, 2003 by Arrow Books Ltd. Paperback: 334 pages.
  • The Black Hole: The Real Story of the Man Who Was Forced to Become the Double Of Saddam Hussein's Sadistic Son released on November 20, 2006 by Arcanum Publishing Paperback: 224 pages.

"The Black Hole" has been banned in Irish and US bookstores because it spotlights the CIA's policies of secret prisons and rendition in a time before 9/11.

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