Sir Eric Malcolm Jones KCMG CB CBE (27 April 1907-24 December 1986) is a former director of the British signals intelligence agency, GCHQ, a post he held from 1952 to 1960.


Born in Buxton in Derbyshire and educated at King's School, Macclesfield,[1] Jones spent the early part of his life as a manager in a Manchester textile factory.[2] He joined the Royal Air Force reserve in 1940 and was then posted to Bletchley Park.[1] From April 1943, Jones was the head of Hut 3, which was responsible for intelligence on the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.[1]

After the War he went to Washington D.C. as representative of British Signals Intelligence.[1] He was made Deputy Director of GCHQ in 1950 and was the Director of GCHQ from April 1952 until 1960.[1] He received a knighthood in 1957.[1]

In retirement he became a Non-Executive Director of Simon Engineering.[1]


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